Finding Top Power Generators for the Money

Power generators come in many shapes and sizes but nowadays people prefer portable generators for their home. The other two types, inverter and standby are more suitable for industrial use but some of their features might also be present in the portable ones. A generator that works on the inverter technology comes in handy when you have to use electronic devices like cell phones and laptops off the generator. Portable power generators are compact and are usually compliant with the safety and emissions standards. Units that work on gas or propane need to be installed outdoors.

Finding top power generators for the money requires an analysis of your family’s power requirements as well. This will help finding a generator with a suitable wattage. Portable generators are light weight and easy to carry and they offer enough wattage to carry out camping activities or up to 8 hours of uninterrupted power supply at home.

Some of these units are safe to use indoors and come with USB ports to charge cell phones and other devices. There are solar-powered units that are a bit more expensive than others but they are the safest options available in this category. Dual powered generators can be fueled with either liquid propane or gas depending on the requirements but they need to be EPA compliant. Then there are generators that are designed to be RV-ready. They are not only portable but also very efficient with the inverter technology.


Having a backup power supply always comes in handy when there is power outage in your area. However, with so many types of power generators available on the market, it sometimes becomes a difficult choice. There are not only solar powered generators available out there but also dual fuel ones that operate on both gas and propane. Finding the top power generator requires an analysis of your requirements regarding portability, RV-readiness, and wattage.

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